I have worked as a designer for the last 12 years in many creative disciplines, it all started when I completed my University Degree in Transportation Design at Coventry University, in the UK.  Directly after my studies I was offered the opportunity to go and work for GE Polymer Design Associates GmbH in Bischofsheim, Germany. There developed my knowledge of the Plastics Industry.  Working closely with GE Plastics (now sabic-ip) and my mentor Geertjan Schellekens from the Plastics Innovations department creating working solutions for plastic components together with numerous European Automotive OEMs.  After 5 years of working in the Plastics industry I moved to Vienna, to Peschke Design. There I worked as an Industrial Designer working on many projects from Plastic Baby Product to full size Industrial Machinery.  At this position my knowledge of 3D modelling and construction was a major part of my work in all projects.  In June of 2009 I completed an advanced modelling Course in the UK, taking my understanding of the program Alias StudioTools upto A-class surfacing level.  After 5 years I moved to First Voip & mobil  a Film Production Company in the 16th District of Vienna.  Here I was worked as a Digital Artist.  Mixing my talents in sketching and Illustration and often together with 3D modelling and Animation to create Motion graphic proposals.  Storyboarding and Set Design proposals were also among my daily creative work.  Whilst at First Voip & mobil I also learnt how to work in a Live Studio and operate Video Camera Equipment and Switch boards in the Director's Box.

Currently, I am working as a Freelance Designer in Vienna.  I enjoy the flexibility that I have, and can offer my clients which keeps me very in tuned to all elements of design.  Combining all my disciplines within my work has brought me to where I am today, and it is my belief that as a designer one should be able to tackle anything.

In my free time I am also a very passionate Photographer, and use my time behind the camera to better my skills as a photographer and especially my composition techniques.  It also helps and get out into the fresh air more, as my days as a sportsman are slowly becoming less and less.  Whenever indoors my son Fredrik, is my biggest influence.  Of late, seeing him develop keeps me wanting to develop myself as far as I can, in all aspects of my life and career.